Organizing 2.0 at Occupy Wall Street

It’s 5pm and I just finished setting up my table at Zuccotti Park. I’ve got flyers covering different kinds of communication skills, a collection of reference books, my laptop, mobile broadband, and I’m ready to go.

My goal is to offer training and consulting help to whoever can use it to advance the Occupy Wall Street movement. I’ll update my list of reference books when I get a chance – there’s people asking my questions here.

But don’t think I ‘m just arrogantly giving out my version of ‘what is to be done.’ Folks are sharing things with me as well. Terry Holmes for example, suggested that someone create a list of Fox News advertisers for boycott purposes. Hrm. Why not? Someone else just came by and asked for a manual for starting an occupation in a new city. Does one exist already?

What else, people?



  1. Wonderful — It takes a village, and one is growing in NYC!

  2. Terry Saver says:

    Just a thought for strategic operations in the event of forced dispersal by law enforcement. Form small “pockets” of five to ten individuals allowing public visibility, but making containment difficult…just a thought…peace

  3. scripts for the group megaphone or whatever its called that communicate these tools