Workshops and Presentations at Organizing New York

Here’s a partial listing of what you might learn if you come to Organizing New York (March 22-24):

Y U No Register for Organizing New YorkOnline campaigning and digital strategy

  • Classes in NationBuilder, Salsa, and CiviCRM (popular databases)
  • Mobile phone organizing strategies
  • Building engagement on Facebook for organizations
  • Using humor and comedy in your communications
  • Personal stories and story-telling that drive campaigns
  • Advanced social media strategy
  • Introduction to digital strategy
  • Online political tactics for local campaigns in New York City
  • How to ensure that your web project is a complete failure (!)
  • Seven easy things you can do to make your website more engaging
  • Online Idol: Experts evaluate existing campaign and organizing websites and social media usage
  • Using online video in your organizing without wasting vast resources that have no impact
  • Running an online advertising campaign when you are broke
  • Safe space and no judgment! Facebook and Twitter 101
  • How to choose a CRM and CMS (database, donation tools, website design software)
  • Google analytics for beginners: what every online campaigner should know
  • Taking on corporations online and winning
  • Working with bloggers and the blogosphere to advance your issue
  • Managing your volunteer social media communicators to deepen engagement
  • Working with Puerto Rican and Dominican American communities online
  • Working with African American communities online
  • Evangelizing online organizing within your organization

Civic Engagement

  • Recruiting ‘national issues’ activists for local political impact
  • Leveraging New York’s progressive power for national impact
  • Understanding the most important elections tool – the VAN
  • How to advance statewide issues (like marriage equality, fair elections and higher taxes on the 1%)
  • C3 and C4 legal workshop: advancing progressive issues without getting into trouble with the IRS
  • How to advance city wide and local issues in New York City
  • Introduction to this economic mess we are in – understanding the progressive narrative on inequality
  • Performing the narrative: how to speak and message on economic issues for maximum impact
  • Running against the political machine (any machine!)
  • Have you ever thought about running for office? Find out what it takes
  • What we know: recent lessons from organizing citizens and workers in low income communities using online and offline strategies in perfect harmony
  • Using policy initiatives to build progressive political power
  • Campaigning in low turnout elections, online and offline

Grassroots Fundraising

  • Online Fundraising 101
  • Grassroots Fundraising 101
  • Collaborative and creative fundraising strategies: thinking outside the box
  • Developing a fundraising plan
  • Building a culture of fundraising in your organization
  • Getting your board on board with fundraising
  • Major donors: building a team, running a campaign
  • Thon-a-thons: thoning the %&*! out of anything
  • Fundraising from your membership base
  • People of color and fundraising
  • White people and fundraising
  • Planning your best fundraising event EVER
  • How to ask for a gift
  • Kickstart this: planning your crowdfunding campaign
  • Building authentic donor relationships
  • Building a fundraising team: volunteers, board and more

Whew! Still think we’re missing something? Submit YOUR workshop idea for Rootscamp, the unconference day (Sunday, March 24).


  1. Christopher says:

    I’d really like to see more on Direct Action planning and implementation as well as Mutual Aid, Mutual Benefit & Support. What do you all think?

    • I agree with Christopher.

      Also, I’d like to see an emphasis on open source software – with the exception of CiviCRM, it is largely absent from the roll call of software products above. Specifically, what it is, why it should be used, and how it can be used effectively for organizing NYC. NationBuilder and Salsa are proprietary products that promote digital handcuffs, and place additional financial burden on community-based groups that can **learn** to build better information infrastructure from the ground up. It would be incredible if this conference can teach organizers to do just that.

    • We’re wondering if Occupy is going to confront cuts to Social Security & Medicare on some level? It would be excellent if there was either a workshop on this pressing issue or if it could be melded into a Direct Action workshop. There is great potential for Occupy to join forces with older activists and others who depend on SS & Medicare to get by.

  2. clenchner says:

    We have made it super easy to propose sessions! Please do at Most important question to answer when making a proposal: What will attendees be able to do by themselves as a result of attending?