Digital Leadership Project Internship

About the Internship

The Digital Leadership Project is a pilot leadership development program that aims to train young activists and organizers digital organizing techniques with an emphasis on social media engagement and skills applicable to campaign and advocacy efforts. The project was founded in June of 2016 due to demand from millennials who were actively involved in presidential primary campaigns. The internship works closely with national organizations such as and The goal is to continue supporting progressive causes while cultivating the next generation of progressive leaders. The Digital Organizing Internship:

  • is open to any individual who is comfortable with technology, activism and progressive politics
  • requires a part time 20 hour/week commitment or full time 40 hour/week commitment
  • takes place in person in New York City and Denver; will function as a telecommute internship for applicants outside those two cities
  • full time students pursuing this internship for college credit will be given a stipend of $150/week (part-time); Full time interns will be paid $300/week (full-time)
  • 12 week minimum for Fall 2016


  • attend workshops on digital organizing strategies
  • create and curate content to be disseminated across progressive platforms
  • actively participate in weekly meetings
  • take part in managing the overall project


  • a passion for progressive political and social change
  • knowledge of current events
  • highly organized, with an ability to prioritize time sensitive assignments
  • ability to work well with groups
  • strong ability to work independently on self-directed, project work
  • oral and written communication skills
  • social media skills


  • past experience in organizing
  • demonstrated leadership experience
  • knowledge graphic design and/or video production

How to Apply

  • This is a rolling admission application
  • The application will be open until September 15th
  • Application can be found at
  • Please email your resume to

We strongly encourage applicants of diverse backgrounds to apply (PoC, LGBT, people with disabilities, any immigration status).

Commitment to Intern Rights. Our commitment is that you will not be performing the job of a paid staff person, this will be primarily a learning experience, and you will be treated at all times with respect.