MomsRising – Advocacy Email Review

Just finished moving MomsRising emails for all of December and January to the site. This is the second Posterous site under my belt, after doing MoveOn.

Thoughts on MomsRising emails:

Like MoveOn, MomsRising (MR) pursues multiple campaigns at the same time, but unlike MoveOn they are organized more tightly around an overarching theme, namely issues of prime importance to women and families. So we have healthcare, children’s healthcare, hunger, paid sick days, Wal-Mart’s sick leave policy and more. It’s a useful cluster, even if the 3rd wave feminist in me (and single father) rejects the notion that family and parenting roles should be determined by gender…

Like MoveOn, MR features footnotes. A CREDO guy who presented at Netroots Nation claimed that MoveOn only adds footnotes to build legitimacy with journalists and others – not their own list members. If that’s true – why is MR doing it? Most organizations avoid footnotes. Does anyone  think they make a difference when it comes to click through rates? [Read more...]