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The “American Dream” of a vibrant middle class is under siege. But there is a real middle-class uprising sweeping the nation to save it and renew it.

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The Campaign for America’s Future is teaming up with Van Jones’ “Rebuild The Dream” organization to add fuel to the grassroots fire that has already been lit—in Madison, Wisconsin and town halls all over the country. We want to channel that grassroots energy into an unstoppable force.

Our annual conference of the progressive movement has a new name—and a new focus on strengthening the fast-growing American Dream Movement.

Rising leaders like Van will share innovative movement-building strategies that have begun to shake up politics. Leaders of the Congressional Progressive Caucus will join with the nation’s best community organizers to map out a cross-country drive for economic revival. Student leaders will share how social media is essential to stifle the forces that oppose the Dream.

There will be more arts to lift the spirit, more organizing to fight the battles raging outside of Washington, and more sessions organized by you.

With the floodgates of corporate campaign cash flung open and a Tea Party-dominated conservative movement doing violence to the fundamental pillars of middle-class prosperity, the promise of the American Dream is under threat as never before. Come build the movement to save the American Dream. Click here to register and to receive conference updates.

FYI I will be attending with colleagues from the Job Party. Let me know if you’re coming!