Intermediate Twitter With Juan Escalante and Elana Levin. 

Ok, so you have a Twitter account. You tweet fairly regularly. But what is your strategy for growing your account and reaching your goals? We will discuss some intermediate-level Twitter tactics around live-tweeting events, the algorithm, developing better hashtags, creating Direct Message groups, the value of having a personal account in addition to having an organizational one, and more!

Juan Escalante is Digital Campaigns Manager at, a DC-based organization focused on immigration and criminal justice reform, and currently resides in Washington D.C., where he works to ensure the DACA program continues to protect an estimated 700,000 immigrants youth from deportation.

Elana Levin has taught digital strategy for nearly 15 years in the labor movement. Seeing the need for a digital skills training conference for labor unions and community organizations Elana co-founded Organizing 2.0 a decade ago. She now serves as Program Director for New Media Mentors, the training partner of the Netroots Nation conference, helping progressive organizations everywhere improve their digital strategy.